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CBT has been proven effective for recovering addicts of all kinds, and is used to strengthen a patient’s own self-awareness and ability to self-regulate. CBT allows individuals to monitor their own emotional state, become more adept at communicating with others, and manage stress without needing to engage in substance abuse. Our mission at Brighton Recovery Center is to provide the best physical, emotional, and spiritual care for our patients and their families on the journey to addiction recovery. Brighton’s sober living facilities hold 52 beds, all divided into small, tightly-knit pods in order to continue pursuing the philosophy of community. These pods are divided into groups of just eight people, each equipped with their own living spaces to establish a recovery tribe without feeling overwhelmed.

  • Brighton Recovery provides world-class recreational therapy and personalized addiction treatment in the beautiful mountains of Utah.
  • Whether a marriage or other committed relationship, an intimate partnership is one of the most important aspects of a person’s life.
  • Having an understanding community around each step of the way can help bring up each person through the toughest points in their recovery.
  • The use of Peer Mentors as teachers and mentors who share their “experience, strength, and hope” with other residents is a very powerful tool for change.
  • We also provide access to regular 12-Step meetings and peer support groups.

I believe in the clinical excellence and would recommend them for the people I love the most!! You’ll be happy you chose this place to start the first day of the rest of your life. People in addiction recovery may choose to live in sober homes, sometimes called recovery homes, halfway houses, and transitional housing. Members of a sober community agree to maintain their sobriety while residing there and consent to undergo random drug testing. Residential Treatment is defined as an inpatient program that allows you to devote all of your time and energy to the recovery process.

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Typically, people choose to stay 45 – 60 days based on a number of factors including clinical appropriateness and insurance coverage. It is highly recommended that people graduating from Residential Treatment immediately engage in an outpatient program (IOP) in their area. Dual diagnosis treatment is the concept of treating mental health issues and substance use disorder issues at the same time. So when people come to treatment at Brighton, we look at both, they’re assessed for both. In sober living facilities, you are surrounded by people who share your objectives; you can exchange ideas, seek guidance, and find inspiration from one another. You might discover that your outlook on life had changed significantly from when you first left a treatment facility.

  • Couples therapy and other couples-focused treatment programs are significant parts of exploring triggers of addiction, as well as learning how to build healthy patterns to support ongoing sobriety.
  • Sober living is a transitional phase between a residential treatment program and regular life.
  • If you have the opportunity to come to this place don’t hesitate to do it.
  • Regular habits established inside sober living will help you uphold your new perspective when returning to a familiar setting.

Lastly, we emphasize life skills that help each person build a foundation for sustainable, long-term recovery. In Utah, dual-diagnosis addiction treatment programs have the expertise to help individuals with co-occurring substance use disorders and mental health conditions. These specialized programs are available in an intensive outpatient or residential inpatient setting, depending on the severity of the patient’s mental health. Treatment incorporates therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), 12-Step recovery, skills training, medication management, and aftercare support.

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Specific dietary plans are designed by professional nutritionists or registered dietitians, and patients follow them in order to positively affect their physical and mental health. At full operation, BCC will also provide a mentoring program, life skills program, career placement services, activities program, and continue its alumni connection and accountability program. Brighton Recovery Center’s IOP is located at a separate site and is designed to be a step down from a higher level of care such as residential treatment. The length of stay in Residential Treatment will vary from person to person, as everyone’s circumstances are different.

  • You need to sift through their individual issues in order to treat them effectively.
  • Voted California’s Best Addiction Treatment Center in 2020, 2021, and 2022 by Newsweek.
  • Group therapy involves treatment as well as processing interaction between group members.

Drug and alcohol addiction affects both members of a couple in deep and meaningful ways, as does rehab and recovery. Couples therapy and other couples-focused treatment programs are significant parts of exploring triggers of addiction, as well as learning how to build healthy patterns to support ongoing sobriety. SALT LAKE CITY, June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Brighton Recovery Center will celebrate the grand opening of its therapeutic community center on Friday, June 25, 2021. This new campus will put Utah in the national spotlight for mental health and addiction treatment.


Recreation and leisure are often the times in life when ones true character shows; how well does someone deal with adversity? All of these questions and more can be answered through Recreation Therapy. Brighton Recovery Center offers IOP run by a licensed clinician both night and day. Daily programming attendance is mandatory to remain in the program. Voted California’s Best Addiction Treatment Center in 2020, 2021, and 2022 by Newsweek.

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Dual-diagnosis rehabs in Utah provide comprehensive care for individuals facing both mental health and substance abuse challenges. Through personalized treatment plans tailored to your unique needs, clinicians provide a holistic and effective approach towards mental health. In Utah, individuals looking for substance abuse treatment can find several inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. By receiving expert what are sober living homes addiction treatment and learning new coping strategies, you’ll drastically improve your mental health and the ability to achieve long-term sobriety. Residential treatment programs are those that offer housing and meals in addition to substance abuse treatment. Rehab facilities that offer residential treatment allow patients to focus solely on recovery, in an environment totally separate from their lives.

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BCC will bridge the gap between rehabilitation centers and the greater community. Brighton Community Center (BCC) is designed to address the pervasive issues of recovery in ways that have not existed in Utah until now. BCC is a 42-bed, co-ed (with gender-specific quarters), sober living and outpatient treatment program, modeled on a hybrid structure of staff and resident-run programming. Onsite staffing is responsible for supervising the accountability of the residents’ levels of treatment and reintegration-focused aftercare.

You can strengthen your abilities and establish wholesome habits while residing in a sober living facility, which will help you get ready to resume your regular life. Additionally, it allows you to pinpoint some of your triggers so that, if necessary, you can discuss coping skills with a therapist. Eventually, you will need to be able to deal with your triggers without relapsing into drug or alcohol use.

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